Membership of the Alumni Association can be obtained by registering at college . All registered members will receive regular news and information on services available to them.


There is a plan in near future to provide a place in cyberspace for graduates to (re)connect, exchange ideas, and access career and networking information. It contains centrally-managed interactive websites for use by any local Alumni Group or individual alumni. It can include country/regional sites and personal homepages and may consist of just a few photos or can include message boards, chat rooms, newsletters, feedback forms, etc.

Ex-Anantrao Pawar College Association (EAPCA)

This is the Alumni Association, the organization for former students, faculty and staff - collectively termed "alumni". The Alumni Association provides a forum for alumni to maintain and develop their links with the College. It encourages present and past students to remain part of the College family.

Its mission is to support and promote the interests of alumni and the College community by enabling alumni to strengthen the bonds between present students and its alumni community, by creating personal links with alumni, providing alumni services and by fostering "emotional" connections among alumni, students and the College. The Anantrao Pawar College seeks to keep alumni informed, to maintain good communications between alumni and present students, and to encourage meaningful alumni involvement with our College.

EAPA, the Alumni Association acts as an umbrella organization for a number of local, overseas, and regional "Alumni Groups". New volunteers are always welcomed to become involved in supporting the work of the Local or Regional Alumni Groups. The Alumni Association promotes ongoing communication and cooperation among alumni, students, faculty and staff.

Separate Google Group For Alumni Cell

College had created Google group to support Alumni Association.

Alumni Cell Committee

Formed On 2015-16 and in force till date

Sr.No. Photo Name Position In Committee Department
1 no photo found Dr. Vijay Ghadage ( Assistant Professor )
Program Manager Physics
2 no photo found Rekha Joshi ( Assistant Professor )
Co-ordinator Chemistry
3 no photo found Prof. Hemant Ubale ( Assistant Professor )
Member Computer Science
4 no photo found Dr. Nandkishore Ugale ( Assistant Professor )
Member Political Science
5 no photo found Megha Patole ( Assistant Professor )
Member Commerce
6 no photo found Dr. Yogesh Khollam ( Assistant Professor )
Member Physics
7 no photo found Dr. Kranti Borawake ( Assistant Professor )
Member Economics
Total 7 members

Minutes of Meetings Archive

Sr. No. File Name Uploaded On File Size
1 Alumni Meet October 20 2018 17:16:11. 638.86 KB
2 Minute of Mettings October 20 2018 17:16:11. 81.63 KB

Alumni Form